Happy Sprocketversary Mom and Dad!

On November 23, 2012, I was brought, as Becca, by Ruth, of the Minpinerie Rescue to a long and skinny building that had two two-leggers who kept chasing me and hugging me and most importantly, feeding me good things to chew.

On November 29th, they told the Minpinerie to cash the donation cheque, they were keeping me.

Sprockets Announcement

And they won’t let me leave.  Other than short sabbaticals where I get to see Aunt Dar.

So thanks Mom and Dad for providing me with comfy laps and chew toys and games and snuggles! Here I am through the past few years with Mom and Dad…


Settling in back in the ‘hood

Life’s settling into a system now in the new place.
Mom and I get up, trot out the door and set off Esmerelda behind the door below us.
Then I sniff around the usual places.
We come home,and I build up my energy for 3 bursts upwards.
It’s hard work, but I am managing.
Still have my comfy blankies and have had done transitional walking partners!

Time for another day up start!
BOL- have a good one!!





Home again, Home Again- #lapdogdujour

My two leggers have been refusing me access to the computer because they didn’t want me blowing through their phone data plans.
But Ahh- internet is alive again!
And I am finally making this new place my own!


I bark lots as doors seem to slam and people run up and town stairs, but then I calm down and chill.

And my neighbour, Esmeralda, always tries to come out to play when she hears me going for my walk- but I never see her outside! And her pet kitten looks delicious too.

Mom finally got access to the back stoop and let me wander around out there! Our nexties will have 4leggers visiting them on occasion, so I hope to have some playmates!

And excitement – the bed gets direct sunlight! I’m in heaven!

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 7.43.37 PM



Trail walking on the “Lookout trail” was fun. I pulled mom up almost the whole way, and tried to pull her down too but she fought me.
And sunshiny paddling.

Apparently a two-legger holiday weekend is upon us, so mom refuses to post for me for the next few days, but she promises exciting Loonie-Sprocket video link in the near future!