Let the 2015 vacation begin

Ok, the past year, I’ve been pretty quiet.

Cray cray two leggers!

You finally off the computer?

You finally off the computer?

My two leggers keep taking photos and video of my awesome self but have not let me get near the keyboard enough to do my own thing!


But here we are again at holiday time and they are taking their break from their OCD time online!

My turn…

I hope you enjoy the ride!

Heading away for the weekend…

Mom and Dad have already packed up my fluffy blanket and chewy toys.  They have been really annoying all week – not taking me out for long enough walks – and yeah, the cold bugs me, but why haven’t they fixed that?

So, I’m done. I’m running away for the weekend. Looking so forward to time with my fav other 2-legger – OK OK I love you all…. I Love some of you more than others…BOL!