Who is Sprocket?

Hey there,

I am Sprocket. I used to be Becca, but my new found two-leggers decided that Sprocket suits me better – something about “people names” on fourleggers… Whatever.

I hail from Ohio and was brought up to this cold northern land by the good folks at www.minpinerie.ca.  I spent some time kicking around the area before suddenly meeting my new two leggers, who then opened up their space to me.

    My space now.

It includes a black furry bed, in which I can lounge and chew.

A box upon which I can jump. I also relax here to chew.

There’s a blue force field that I can only penetrate with particular cunning on a good day, and I am still working on disabling it, as often there are other fun looking two-leggers on the other side of it.  And they should pay homage.  But my female does not always let them.

Sigh. Chew.

So for now – Hey!

I hope you come by often as I loves the twoleggers and the fourleggers I meet! … and I really LOVE cats – they run so fast when I chase them!


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