The morning after vacay day 1

image imageCamping! That’s what I was smelling!

The hallway was being filled with stuff, my two leggers were being so feisty, and I spent yesterday morning banned to my food room.

And now I’m snuggled in bed with my polar in a cocoon of warmth!

I was happy to do lots of sniffling yesterday- and there was extended two legger family time.

We stopped at “duck town” where I ran around smelling the local ducks and so wanted to grab the red rooster – but alas.

Then it was mom of my hoo man visit time, and lots of smells there!

Then I slept in my jail for a whole long time and awoke to the fun of watching my hoo mans building my room!!

It took them awhile to get my mat down but eventually I got settled.

One final jaunt took us to more family with half size hoomans buy I was stuck on Mom’s Lapp most of that time. And. That was day 1image

Weekend arrivals

It was all getting pretty routine so I was getting bored with dictating the same old thing- get up, eat, walk, drink, eat, sleep, walk…zzzz my two leggers have been taking this relax thing to the limits.
Yesterday things started to pick up as the weekend warriors arrive and set up- music plays people laugh, I bark- iimagencessantly.
I wanna tell them so much!!
Don’t hang your tarp like that!
Got any snacks?

So I spent a bit of time in jail keeping warm – and I could still bark out my advice…then the noise started- like thousands of drops hitting a plastic sheet. Interminable.

I could have dealt with it, mom came over and let me outta jail so I could enjoy my bed, but then they came a forced me to go for another walk.

It was wet.
Mom was cranky.
Dad was dancing to the music of loud booms in the sky punctuated with bright disco lights flashing.

And then new folk continued to set up in the rain and talk loudly until the early hours. Then the mini two legger started barking ( squalling?) for food or attention or a chew toy-as the sun began to rise.
Gonna be a long weekend – hoping everyone has lots of activities planned!!