2nd trip to the vet summary: bland foods really meant low fibre foods

And chicken isn’t low fibre.
Nor is sweet potato…

But both mom and dad came with me.

I tried to say hi to the kitty, boxer, husky-shepherd mix, poodle and bichon-frise but was forced to merely yell my greetings.

Then we went in to see Dr.Dave and he was pretty straight to business, but I did get a couple of hand licks in before he kindly checked my temperature in a most undignified manner.

This was trip 2 this weekend and I really want to start pooping normally again, so I am hoping the extra crunchy things in the little clear toys… What? Not toys?? Oh well. The little things everyone was very focused on should help.

And pasta! And rice! And plain yogurt!
And chicken noodle soup!! Well, a low sodium version maybe!

Liquid diet he said too so I think that will mean a lot of yogurt- yay!

For now though, I am resting. It was too exciting for my little brain today!!