Another Day…then the magic happened…

It all started out as usual…slept in, got up when mom did but she tossed me back into the comfy cloud.
After Dad got up, and by then I would have stayed under the warm blankies for a while more, he made me come with him though.
So I found if I have Mom the appropriate look, I could join her on her chair! My chair is ok, but Mom’s has better surface area- more stretchy space! Even better when she leaves!




So a day of lounging, and then an attempt at a walk that was thwarted by a plethora of bitey bugs, and we relaxed back in the blue screen room for the evening.
I have by now lulled my two- leggers into a complacent, “she’s in her chair, she’s sleeping” attitude. BOL !

In a plot twist that took less than a second, I spotted my prey, and quietly slipped off my chair in a tangle of orange blankie and harness and leash!

I had waited until I was on Dad’s side of the blue screen room, as I believe Mom has a more natural affinity for sensing my next move, so when Dad was distracted, it was easier to make my move to chomp.

Magic toad !

I have been waiting all trip, sniffing out where I had tasted one last year, keeping my nose sharp, and it walked right past the blue screen room !

And I chomped it!

No, I didn’t get to eat it- Dad made me drop it after it spewed its gross tasting icky stuff, and I began frothy spewing myself.

Mom grabbed me and washed my mouth out- 4 times!!! The last one was full on water pressure at the water tap.

They did not understand how awesome I was. I caught it from 2 Sprocket-lengths away and through the gap in the blue screen- from my chair!
Instead, she put me in jail after I expunged my supper all over the ground in 5 places.
But it was magical!
I’m such a great hunter!!