Happy Sprocket Day! Today I am 4


And I’m sending my Sprocketlove to all of you – my adoring subjects!  I was a bit annoyed at the temperature control settings being broken – WTF with the cold!  But Mom has me all bundled up and I’ll celebrate my day inside, warm and cuddly!

Hoping you all have an amazing SprocketDay! BOL

Weekend arrivals

It was all getting pretty routine so I was getting bored with dictating the same old thing- get up, eat, walk, drink, eat, sleep, walk…zzzz my two leggers have been taking this relax thing to the limits.
Yesterday things started to pick up as the weekend warriors arrive and set up- music plays people laugh, I bark- iimagencessantly.
I wanna tell them so much!!
Don’t hang your tarp like that!
Got any snacks?

So I spent a bit of time in jail keeping warm – and I could still bark out my advice…then the noise started- like thousands of drops hitting a plastic sheet. Interminable.

I could have dealt with it, mom came over and let me outta jail so I could enjoy my bed, but then they came a forced me to go for another walk.

It was wet.
Mom was cranky.
Dad was dancing to the music of loud booms in the sky punctuated with bright disco lights flashing.

And then new folk continued to set up in the rain and talk loudly until the early hours. Then the mini two legger started barking ( squalling?) for food or attention or a chew toy-as the sun began to rise.
Gonna be a long weekend – hoping everyone has lots of activities planned!!

Day 3

Day 3…
There’s a chill in the air… Mom actually brought my coat ( yay mom) and we did some walking today between rain fall to encourage appropriate relaxing afterwards.
And hey- more bacon- thanks Aunt Susi!!
And curry – apple chicken curry was mom’s creative supper endeavour so yay again mom- yes I got to taste it!

But a few of the local two leggers were simply annoying today- too many walking too quickly and I had to do some serious scolding – but my two leggers were not pleased with my initiative.
Silly two-leggers.
Hoping they don’t hold off on bacon thinking it’s making me aggressive or anything silly like that!

Vacay Day Two

Vacay Day 2
Today we tested the zero gravity chairs.
I tried moms then dads and then back and forth.
There were some other 4 leggers to meet and greet and warn off my turf- a general smorgasbord of social interactions .
It was nice a cool overnight- wait – what? Oh, that’s mom and dad talking through me. I was bundled under the blankets all night.
There’s a general feeling of zzzz with mom and dad do I was really glad to get a walk in where I could tear up a little.
I think they will continue their ear sleep tweak cycle for a few more days then maybe we will get to do a blueberry gravy walk!
Ah, well, holidays…


Vacay-travel day

After watching my two leggers run up and down the stairs from the comfort of my front yard, chewing on some grass when I got bored, we loaded up and hit the road! Hitting the road was a short jaunt into the very smelly concrete jungle where mom had to carry me from the car down some stairs to the street.

She then let me sniff a bit and I could smell some wonderous things! An Asian essence, then sausages of assorted origins, then speed walking past many other two leggers and food smells before…


Underage in a pub


Mom wrote a whole bunch more about the day for me, but the phone messed it up and she says she’s on holidays – so here’s a cute pic of me, and there will be more later!

Best snuggles under the blankets

Best snuggles under the blankets

Let the 2015 vacation begin

Ok, the past year, I’ve been pretty quiet.

Cray cray two leggers!

You finally off the computer?

You finally off the computer?

My two leggers keep taking photos and video of my awesome self but have not let me get near the keyboard enough to do my own thing!


But here we are again at holiday time and they are taking their break from their OCD time online!

My turn…

I hope you enjoy the ride!