Squirrel TV- Live on the big screen!

What a day !
First, mom took me out of the cozy blankie cloud into the cold and wet! I had to pee, yes, but OMD I was chilled!
She brought me quickly back into the cozy blankie cloud, and even had the kindness to leave me alone to enjoy it.


I eventually did come out to join my two – leggers. Apparently it was “final bacon from Susi” Day. And it smelled great. I got a tiny bit….heaven…

After breakfast and a bit of a walkabout, mom set up my viewing station where I could sit in the mobile cozy cloud, and watch the blue screen wall. There were both chipmunks and squirrels in full 3D- sometimes they can right through the screen and I nearly could touch them!!!

Much of the day involved this fun. Then we went out into the world and I met….MEGA-Me!!

Freaky! Huge! Speechless I was and totally in shock.
He was so big!

I was very grateful to return to the mobile cloud while my two leggers stayed up doing whatever.



Overnight- the Thunderhugs I got from mom helped me through the loud flashes and crazy loud booms. I think it helped her more than me.