Suggested Chew toys – for me and all Destroyers of things stuffed

This is part of an email my Two-leggers received from our fabulous Aunt Penney and Uncle Marc – who ironically, live in Ohio, my home state!  But I am Canadian now – I swear!

Thanks for these ideas, I’ll be sending mom and dad out to do some shopping or maybe they’ll just order some online too..

“Bodey really likes this one:


He also really likes these, but does manage to get the ears off easily:


Any in this line last well, but the dogs usually abandon them because, well, they  last.


This was a favorite for a while.  The wings didn’t last long but the rest had a decent run.

This was super popular with all three dogs, and lasted a really long time, like maybe 6-8 months!  The furry beard did not last long, and I usually cut that stuff off. The antlers and the ears even lasted about 3-4 months.  One of the seams has split so I just have to try to sew it back up sometime.


There are other styles from this company and most do well here.  The bunnies  and panda bears are popular too.


Hope these suggestions help!”