Company leaves today – 1 more week

Today J&K head back to their lives in the big city.
It’s been fun getting to know them a bit better.
I was able to snuggle and chew on them both comfortably, and they took me for walks – and mom even sent them links to her fave min pin rescue site – they found me so endearing!


And so today they leave, but my two leggers and I are booked for one more week here.
I suspect I may not post every day- but will try to keep you up to date on any major fun or exemplary moments in the final days of T2+S Camping 2013!


Activity day- but I’d be okay snoozing!

I have not had Montreal Bagels! And still haven’t, but mom and dad enjoyed the gift of them that J & K brought to share with G&L and us!
So that was breakfast.
Then plans were made- gosh the two-leggers talk a lot! Finally it all came down to them off attending two separate wolf talks, and finding out stuff about Algonquins wolf packs.

We walked a few of the local paths and found bear scat that got progressively fresher as we walked!!! We were following a bear right in the campground!!! Then the trail ended at some campsites and we never did see the bear, since it wandered off the trail somewhere after the last spot of fairly fresh p.
In between meals and wolf talks J&K went to our backyard beach:


And the highlight of the day?
More Blueberries!


And a little further in, the Leroux Clan in the natural habitat!


And then back home for a final evening with everyone before G&L and J&K headed out to the 50th Anniversary Wolf Howl- no dogs allowed.