Company leaves today – 1 more week

Today J&K head back to their lives in the big city.
It’s been fun getting to know them a bit better.
I was able to snuggle and chew on them both comfortably, and they took me for walks – and mom even sent them links to her fave min pin rescue site – they found me so endearing!


And so today they leave, but my two leggers and I are booked for one more week here.
I suspect I may not post every day- but will try to keep you up to date on any major fun or exemplary moments in the final days of T2+S Camping 2013!


Another day in T2+S camping

Hmm what happened on Friday:
Ate Sticks
Played with company J&K
Zzzz on moms lap
PaddleAbout. Saw two wood peckers and they were loud and big.
Zzzz in Js hammock
Zzzz in the sunshine
Zzzz back on moms lap
JALE for a short drive
More walkabout
Demanded an early bedtime as it got cooler.

This little guy visited in the kitchen.

Activity day- but I’d be okay snoozing!

I have not had Montreal Bagels! And still haven’t, but mom and dad enjoyed the gift of them that J & K brought to share with G&L and us!
So that was breakfast.
Then plans were made- gosh the two-leggers talk a lot! Finally it all came down to them off attending two separate wolf talks, and finding out stuff about Algonquins wolf packs.

We walked a few of the local paths and found bear scat that got progressively fresher as we walked!!! We were following a bear right in the campground!!! Then the trail ended at some campsites and we never did see the bear, since it wandered off the trail somewhere after the last spot of fairly fresh p.
In between meals and wolf talks J&K went to our backyard beach:


And the highlight of the day?
More Blueberries!


And a little further in, the Leroux Clan in the natural habitat!


And then back home for a final evening with everyone before G&L and J&K headed out to the 50th Anniversary Wolf Howl- no dogs allowed.

More company!

Another paddle, more turtles sunning themselves on logs that I was not allowed to check out more personally, and a few more hours of lap time as mom and dad waiting for dad’s dad…G & L to arrive.


And then visiting and wandering from lap to lap – I can get used to this except for the chill that swept into the air last night.

We had a fire and my jaleblankie and my mom’s lap but it was so cold! I did not want to wait until the two leggers were ready for bed, so I walked over to our bedroom door and sniffed the shiny line that magically allows me access to my Laurablankie.

And I went to bed.


Monday was a typical Monday.

We just missed our company’s escape- heard the rustling, but it was sooooo early! Neither me nor mom had the energy to crawl out if the warm blankies. And dad, well, he’s my sleep-in buddy so he’s not conscious before 8 am!
But we emitted a tiny”bye” as they got into their van and drive off.

I really missed them today.

I also needed to sleep after such a party hard weekend.

So Monday was a classic day of barely get the minimum done to say we did something between all of the napping / reading by two-leggers.

We went for a short green box float in the morning and a couple of jaunts around the campgrounds.

Today, new company arrives!
I’ll tell ya all about it later!

Trying to remind mom to stop fidgeting and let me sleep…

Dad had some snuggle time too, then I sat on him.

Company = cuddling

A day wandering from lap to lap was exactly what I needed after the “Great Gravy Walk”.
And the fabulous K&B obliged!
We laughed, we played, they took photos, and we all napped in various positions and combinations of warm bodies.




Last photo was a selfi taken by B down at the beach- I never know what these two leggers are thinking!!!

B made an apparently nommy rice dish which they all mocked me and would not feed me, but at least they did play with me earlier!

K built a nice warm fire too, and then we all settled into the kitchen where I realized the cuddling was done when they wrapped me in in my JALE blankie.

So I dozed.

Saturday –the Great Gravy Walk!

When mom and dad kept talking about the “ice cream walk”, I just didn’t get it.
I do now, but for me it will always be the Great Gravy Walk.

We began with our visiting two-leggers, K&G, tagging along. And the route took us along the same path we had taken a couple if days earlier.

And then we continued, and we walked, and walked! There were many other two leggers and the strange circle leggers zipping by as I tried to pull everyone into a reasonable pace.

Please note: my two leggers are not able to keep up with me ( this is a slice of foreshadowing)
Our walking kept going, we even stopped at a bridge where a grey heron was spotted:

And then we came finally to the edge of the “magical field”. Tiny little juicing balls hang from bushes right at my head. And they are so very very good to both my two leggers and me!
While my dad was sharing some of his hand full of “blueberries”, I saw something exciting and tried to go see it.
And then…. FREEDOM!!

I could see so far ahead, a clear path edged with the little yummy plants!
And the JOY I felt as the wind lifted my ears when I could finally run at my own speed was exciting!

I think I may have heard my name on the air behind me and when I turned to look, I was so happy to see dad trying to keep up! And so we both RAN!

What fun!

When I reached the end of the path, there were a few circle leggers and other two leggers preparing to go into the plants, and I decided to wait for dad.

He then caught up and linked us again and brought me into the fields of glorious juicy little balls and showed me how awesome they are:

You can also see the video via my twitter feed: OMG Blueberries!!

Then we continued to the best part!!
Everyone else went into this busy building and came out with plates oozing with chunky bits and dripping with “gravy”.
I waited so patiently to see if anyone would like to share with me.

Yes, mom had brought my own kibble and water and I are that- even after having eaten so many blueberries!!

And then, a gentle finger came into my view covered with the dripping gravy and you better believe I cleaned that finger!

It was heavenly! And not enough. I wa very disappointed I was not presented with more.

Then we walked home.
And then I slept and dreamt of blueberries, freedom, and topped it all off with gravy.


Friday #2- brrr-ruff

Company arrived yesterday!!
Well, new neighbours at least! But I’ll get to that!

The mornings are definitely chilly here and the afternoons are gloriously warm and sunshiny- at least Friday was simply wonderful!

We decided to try this green floating thing again- it’s getting to be a habit for mom and dad, but that may change for the weekend!
And we came across the most delicious smelling floating food, err, ducks ( mergansers to be specific). Again, mom has to get those photos off her other camera so I’ll update this later with some shots!
At any rate, as much as I wanted to go get me one, mom would not let me :-< Later on though, the next level of fun began after K&B got here!! I LOVE the back of the minivan- I just walked right up and settled in while mom and K chatted! 20130810-073527.jpg

There was much carousing after supper as well, but mom won’t let me post those photos … I was cozy in my JALE and quite happy to be in a safe place while they played this year’s first game of Munchkin!

And today is another day! Cold morning so I am staying in my bed as long as I can!