“Camping” a roller coaster ride of emotions…

Yesterday mom and dad spent the morning confining me to different rooms at home- at least I made that squeaker stop ( another toy bites the dust)!
They then moved my crate, “JALE” to the car and finally I got to see what the fuss was about!
Zoom zoom and off we went!
They let me out a few times and the SMELZ!! Such newness everywhere I could not contain myself !!
JALE got taken out of the car, and they had only let me out for a few minutes, when I was back in and everything looked greenish! The tapping noise above my head, nearly drove me nuts – and obviously was making mom and dad crazy as they were moving with such speed. Moving things and I got tired of watching so I dozed.

When they finally came back to see me, They lifted the “trp” and revealed our new home.

More flurry and we finally went for a walk .
By then it was dark and the SMELZ were again so exciting. Then I spotted it- it was almost as big as my head! I have never seen one before but I had to taste it! Before mom and dad could stop me I had it! Squishy and wriggly, it was so exciting!!!
Suddenly mom and dad are yelling “off” ?!? What?!? I must chew!!!
But they were so upset I dropped it, and then mom carried me for a while ranting about frogs and toads….

Then I threw up. For about an hour, every 5 minutes. But it stopped, and mom gave me a bit if food and some magical “DarBread” which made me feel better- even though it was only tiny tastes!

We tucked into our new house and thank goodness mom brought my Laurablankie so I could feel warm and snuggly!
Lets see what the day holds- but not right away, I am warm in here!