Monday was a typical Monday.

We just missed our company’s escape- heard the rustling, but it was sooooo early! Neither me nor mom had the energy to crawl out if the warm blankies. And dad, well, he’s my sleep-in buddy so he’s not conscious before 8 am!
But we emitted a tiny”bye” as they got into their van and drive off.

I really missed them today.

I also needed to sleep after such a party hard weekend.

So Monday was a classic day of barely get the minimum done to say we did something between all of the napping / reading by two-leggers.

We went for a short green box float in the morning and a couple of jaunts around the campgrounds.

Today, new company arrives!
I’ll tell ya all about it later!

Trying to remind mom to stop fidgeting and let me sleep…

Dad had some snuggle time too, then I sat on him.