Another sunshiny day!

Yesterday was a lazy day.
When we awoke after an overnight shower or two, we thought it might be a rainy day ( turns out that’s today- but it’s just getting started so I will talk about today tomorrow! ).
It was a bit overcast, but really I found lots of sunspots to lie down in!
And I got to spend the day harness free ( it really absorbed a lot of water from the day before ( swimming/canoe time), and my collar is almost like a mini choke chain, so mom figured I should be manageable around camp.


So we played around the campground and I met an adorable boxer named Tosser who has a pretty brindle pattern on his fur. 7 months old and he tolerates my crazy barking play!

There is also a striking Black and Tan Manchester Terrier here but he’s not friendly. Our moms chatted and then laughed as we began to defend our space to each other! Two-leggers!

I think I can still sleep in a bit more, so back to my blankie for me! I can hear the rain and some thunder so I think I will be in JALE a bit today- road trip maybe!!