Rain and thunder… But no biggie

Those of you who follow me on twitter ( @sprocketminpin) or my mom on Facebook, already saw yesterday’s close up:

And this was my artwork

And it made me very tired


All of this took place at the end of a roller coaster day.
First, mom tried letting me go back to bed after our morning walk, and it was lovely.
So when I heard the rain sound, I was already in the best possible place, and I still am not sure why we had to go driving about. But apparently dad broke his sandals and well, I did get to sniff around a fun little town. The most popular place at 11 am, Wednesday morning, is called the LCBO.
There was an alternating button in the rain and sun, but every day seems to be like that here.
We did go for a but of a walk too where I could climb a mountain:

And then new neighbours with two little two-leggers who are very squeaky arrived:


And then there was the digging…
Another full day chez T2Camping! Hey wait, they need to update the site name!